There is no single answer to this question.  Let’s start with understanding some of the components of your ice maker;  the water fill valve and the ice chute dispenser.  


The water inlet valve is an electronically operated device that connects the household water supply to your refrigerator.  This valve controls the flow of water to the icemaker and the water dispenser inside your refrigerator door.  The ice chute is the passageway out of the refrigerator door. When the water lever is pressed, the entrance to the chute is opened, and the water from the icemaker fills your glass with water.  If the water inlet valve is defective it will cause the water dispenser to leak into the drip tray.  The easy fix is to replace the water inlet valve.   

The ice chute dispenser is likely the reason for accumulation of water into the drip tray.  When the hole in the ice chute (where the dispenser connects to the door) is exposed to room temperatures it can cause moisture to form on the inside of the ice chute.  Sometimes when dispensing ice from the ice maker there is residual ice left in the chute. It will melt when exposed to room temperature and leak into the water drip tray.  To avoid this, keep the ice chute clear of ice debris and moisture.  You may see this moisture accumulate with frequent opening and closing of the door. When the residual ice melts it appears that the water dispenser is leaking.  If you use crushed ice, you should clear the chute by dispensing a few cubed ice pieces afterward.

Checking your refrigerator water dispenser drip tray for leaking is one of the items we check and document with pictures on every visit to your home. Excessive water leaks and overflowing water drip trays may lead to unnecessary repair bills and mildew or mold conditions.

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