There is no single thing that differentiates our business from the competition.  It is a culmination of providing superior value to customers at an affordable price.  We differentiate our service with features, performance, warranty, reliability and doing what we say we are going to do.

We differentiate with product

By demonstrating proficiency in repetitive functions while observing a home we create continuity and consistency.  We break our reporting into four categories:  1) Exterior, 2) Interior, 3) Garage and a Final Checklist.  Each element has specific criteria to be reviewed during each visit. A checklist will be comprised of about 30-40 items, from ensuring the main water valve is off to a review of the electrical circuit breakers, the roof line to the interior baseboards and a through review of the plumbing system.  Our clients are offered a money back guarantee. If they are not completely satisfied after the first 30 days, we will refund 100% of all monies paid to us.  Our clients may also terminate their service anytime without cause or penalty by providing thirty (30) day written notice and be current with all fees due us.

Every home watch observation visit is fully documented with a digital HomeWatchIT™ software report that records, GPS coordinates, dates and timestamps all photographs with detailed annotations when appropriate.  There is never a question about when we were there, how long we there and what observations were made.  The reports are accessible 24-7-365 from anywhere in the world where our client has access to the internet.

We differentiate level of service

For us it starts with client education on the things that can and do go wrong in an unoccupied or vacant home; especially in our sub-tropical climate in Southwest Florida.  We produced a series of educational videos called our “Best Practices” on topics like: Emergency water valve shut off, avoiding broken water lines with steel braided hoses and when to replace smoke detector batteries.  We blog on a regular basis with topics like: Why is there water in my dryer, do insurance companies have a “standard of care” for unoccupied homes and will my car battery charge at idle speed?  Our second commitment is our team education.  All members are graduates of Your Home Watch Professional (Home Watch Academy) training, all are Certified Home Watch Reporters, all are accredited by the International Home Watch Alliance and all hold a Surety Bond.  We hold Certification from FEMA on Mold Identification and I am a Licensed Community Association Manager (CAM) and a Certified Shelter Manger with Lee County Emergency Services.  We offer a variety of Concierge Services ranging from car drives to full scope Project Management.  Every client is provided a Certificate of Insurance for General Liability in the amount of $1,000,000 single limit/$2,000,000 combined limit coverage.

We differentiate with reputation

We build a personal one on one relationship and reliability by doing what we say we are going to do.  We are dependable and it shows in our Google My Business rating of 4.9.  We practice open communication with our client.  Every important client conversation is documented in writing to define the scope of work, cost, dates of service, etc.  Our credibility is job one! During hurricane season we produce a daily update on local conditions.  If there is a major problem in a client’s home, they will receive a personal phone call and a follow up written report.  Even services provided at no charge are documented.

We differentiate with pricing methodology

Most Home Watch companies base their pricing on total square footage.  We use the Water Zone Method for pricing.  The price is calculated on the number of areas in the home which have pressurized water inlets.  For example:  The Kitchen has a water line to the ice maker, the dishwasher, the kitchen sink and this is considered one water zone.  Each bathroom or half bath is considered a water zone, a mini bar, an outdoor kitchen, a laundry room and hot water tank all have pressurized water inlets and therefore are water zones.  Our base cost includes up to 6 water zones and each incremental water zones costs an additional $10.00 per zone.  We even charge for additional AC units.

Factors in Differentiation

Value-does the perceived value exceed the cost

Important– does it deliver a benefit critical to success

Distinctive-is our service offered in a distinctive way

Communication-is it clearly understood and visible

Affordable-customers can afford to pay a higher cost when perceived value is present

Profitable-contribution exceeds cost of difference.

We are not the best fit for everyone, but we are the best fit for those that choose to engage us.

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Larry Meek, Owner and Co-Founder