We saw firsthand while we were working as Licensed Community Association Managers (LCAM’s) managing properties during Hurricane Irma that many absentee homeowners didn’t have a home watch company.  Or, if they did, their home watch person was nowhere to be found after the storm leaving the homeowner wondering and fretting about the status of their property. Shortly after that we decided to start a home watch business and become Home Watch Professionals, and we made a commitment to do whatever it takes to ensure the highest of standards and provide exceptional service for our clients.   

There is no license required for home watch

We were surprised to find that the home watch industry is not regulated by any governmental agency and there is no license required for home watch. We researched and found resources that would help us establish and maintain professional standards and raise the awareness of the industry with seasonal homeowners and other professionals and service providers.  We wanted training, and testing standards that would establish us as Certified Professionals.  

How do you know what you don’t know?

During our research we found Your Home Watch Professionals an organization recognized as the leader in training for the Home Watch industry.  We completed comprehensive instruction in all aspects of launching and operating a home watch company.  We were trained, tested, became insured and bonded and passed a rigorous background check all before we started our business.  We believe that an exceptional home watch professional includes using proven methods, procedures, and documentation that provides the customer a thorough report of observations at their property after each visit.

After training we aligned ourselves with a support organization that provides the industry standard for ongoing mentorship, testing and certification.  We joined the non-profit International Home Watch Alliance whose mission states: “It is our mission to raise awareness to the importance of leveraging qualified and trained businesses to perform Home Watch visits, while providing a formal and recognized certification program that sets the bar for Home Watch organizations”. Our affiliation with the IHWA provides us ongoing mentorship and fellowship with like-minded individuals who desire to provide a professional home watch service for their customers.  

Carefree Home Watch is launched!

Armed with the best industry training and support we launched Carefree Home Watch in 2016.  We are a professional home watch company that our customers have come to rely on for exceptional customer service and meticulous attention to detail.  We have completed our third consecutive recording breaking year for client base growth, revenue and profitability. We have serviced some 150+ clients and have identified over 1,825 actionable items that may have kept from what we observed as damage from becoming a full-blown disaster!

Today, Larry serves as a Board of Director and Secretary for the International Home Watch Alliance and has become a mentor and coach to many new home watch companies.  We believe that we have the obligation to help set the bar for the next generation of professional home watch businesses.

 If you would like any information about how you can become a Certified Home Watch Reporter click HERE or go to https://yourhwp.com/.  If you want information about the International Home Watch Alliance please follow this LINK or go to https://ihwalliance.org/.  

Carefree Home Watch
Exceptional Care When You’re Not There ᵀᴹ

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